I’m OK,  In production, completion date March 2018, 5’00”.  In 1915 the young expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka volunteered as a cavalryman in WW1. Isolated in the mud and horror of the Russian trenches, he reflects upon the recent end of a love affair with Alma Mahler. When he returns home to Vienna in 1918, shell-shocked and injured, Alma Mahler has found another lover, so Kokoschka makes a plan to fill the emptiness. This is the story of  Kokoschka’s recovery from both the trauma of war and the end of an erotic relationship.  With funding from The Elephant Trust and Arts Council England.  Produced by Abigail Addison, Animate Projects and The National Film Board of Canada.

ok003 ok

G-AAAH 2016, 75 seconds.  A film celebrating Amy Johnson’s record-breaking solo flight from Croydon to Australia in 1930, created using a typewriter.  Awarded Best UK film and Best film at The Amy Johnson festival 2016, awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick 2016 and Judges Vote in International Programme 3 at LIAF 2016.  Screenings at 42 international film festivals including OIAF 16, LIAF 16, This is England, Rouen, Bit Bang Fest, Underwire Film Festival, Anima, Belgium, Animated Dreams, Estonia,  NYCFF 17, Flux Screening series, LA, 23th edition of the Festival d’un Jour in Valence, France, Tricky Women, Vienna, Monstra (Lisbon Animated Film Festival),  Mecal Pro 2017 Barcelona, Go Short, Netherlands, The 17th Tel Aviv Animation Festival SICAF 17, Fantoche, EIFF, MIAF,  Flatpack, New Zealand International Film Festival and HAFF, Holland.


Imperial Provisor Frombald 2013, 4’20”  The true story of the first documented testimony of the exhumation of a suspected vampire, in Serbia, in 1725.  Commissioned by Animate Projects for Random Acts with development funding from the National Film Board of Canada.

Festival Screenings: 2013 – LIAF, BAF!, Expotoons, Etude & Anima. 2014 – Tricky Women Film Festival, British Animation Awards Public Choice screenings, Animafest, Zagreb, MIAF, CAKE, Canary Wharf Screen Bird’s Eye View Past, Present & Future, Animator, Underwire, Anim’est, Animasyros, Ottawa International Animation Festival and Animated Dreams.

Image from Frombald 2012/13

Little Skipper, 2010, 1″30.  Butterfly prints of butterflies, animated.  Part of One Minute Volume 4 and touring as part of the Stop and Go Show, Made from Scratch 2014.  Projected on display in the foyer of the general hospital of Bludenz (LKH Bludenz) from October 2014 – October 2017.

The Old, Old, Very Old Man, 2007, 6”38’.  A film based upon the death of the 152 year old Thomas Parr in the year 1635. Created with blue ink on a bathroom tile.  Written, directed and animated by Elizabeth Hobbs, voices by Edward Fox, music by Tim Olden, Sound Design by Barnaby Templer @ Fonic, and produced by Kathrein Guenther for the Hackney Film Fund.  Selected Festivals 2007: Edinburgh International Film Festival, London International Animation Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, DOK Leipzig, FIKE, BAF!, Aurora, Flip, Animateka, Anilogue.  2008:  Annecy, Anifest, Projector, Tricky Women, Animafest, Dresden Film Festival and SICAF.

Awards 2007/8:  Best of International Programme 4, LIAF
Best animation, Flip Festival
Best short film at Aurora
Best independent short film at BAF!
Finalist in the Best short film category at British Animation Awards
Artist in Residency award at Tricky Women Film Festival

The True Story of Sawney Beane, 2005, 10”38’.  In 16th-century Scotland, young Sawney Beane yearns to itch and scratch and buccaneer. So he bids farewell to his parents and their life of honest toil. Forty years on, Mr. Beane croaks his dying wish to Betty, his wife. “Go and find our lost son.” And so Betty strikes off on her quest across the land, with the family savings in a hankie and a secret suspicion in her heart. The True Story of Sawney Beane reveals what really happened to the infamous Scottish cannibal. Not only was he the vilest felon in the kingdom of King James VI, he was also a son, beloved of Betty.  Credits: Written, directed and animated by Elizabeth Hobbs, musical score by Normand Roger, Narrated by Sheila Donald, story and picture edit by Mark Jenkins, co-produced by Michael Fukushima for The National Film Board of Canada and Katja Anderson for Red Kite Productions.

Awards: Winner of The McLaren award, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2005.  Winner of the Cineplex Odeon award for best short film at the Victoria Independent Film Festival,  Centaur Prize for best animation at the Message to Man festival in St Petersburg.  Nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in 2005.  Short-listed for the 15th Kodak/BAFTA short film showcase in 2006.

The Witches, 2002, 6”30’.  In 1590, the reigning monarch King James VI of Scotland was in danger of being toppled from his throne; due to the blight of witchcraft. In North Berwick, three fishwives – Margaret, Ina and Sandra – have good reason to believe that they might be targets of the King’s witch hunt and so set about devising a plan to save themselves from the fearful witch-dooking apparatus. Written by Morag McKinnon, Animated and Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs, Edited by Mark Jenkins, Voices by Colin McLaren, Music by Philip Pinsky, Sound design by John Cobban produced by Katja Anderson at Red Kite Productions for Cinemworks.    Awards: Shortlisted for the 10th Kodak/BAFTA short film award and the Jim Poole Award 2003.

The Emperor, 2001, 4”20’.  A film about Napoleon Bonaparte’s spell on the island of St Helena written, animated and directed by Elizabeth Hobbs, commissioned by Channel 4 & The Arts Council of England for Animate!  Awarded 2nd prize – Fine Arts Festival Szolnok, Hungary