Masereel at the ICA

The exhibition of the Belgian graphic artist Frans Masereel at the ICA was a real gem. The work was really apposite, despite being nearly a hundred years old.  On show were 50 of the100 plates of The City (1925) selected to give a flavour of the narrative.  I was very glad to be part of a symposium on the 29th June, to explore his work and influence alongside researchers from the University of Reading’s Department of Typography & Graphic Communication.


From The City


Here is a picture of me talking about my film Frombald, I took the picture from Paul Luna’s twitter feed.  I hope he doesn’t mind.

I learnt a great deal from the other contributors, Christopher Burke, Eric Kindel and Rick Poynor and audience members from the University of Reading. I”m afraid I haven’t got time to write anything bright about it just now. (It takes me ages).