Mixing light at the Maxwell.

There’s an excellent Kettle’s Yard exhibition at the Maxwell centre in Cambridge.  James Clerk Maxwell was a physicist who worked with colour and vision, amongst other things, so the basis of my family workshop yesterday was additive colour mixing with light.  I had 3 OHP’s (red, green, blue) and a lovely large space, families could come and make little interventions on any or all of the OHPs to make their own enormous colour mixed images.  I’d love to do some more experiments on this theme, especially with Emily Tracy.

MC_001_01_X1_0016 MC_001_01_X1_0020 MC_001_01_X1_0081 MC_001_01_X1_0101 MC_001_01_X1_0125 MC_001_01_X1_0205 MC_001_01_X1_0223 MC_001_01_X1_0230 MC_001_01_X1_0237 MC_001_01_X1_0279 MC_002_01_X1_0006 MC_002_01_X1_0008 MC_002_01_X1_0010 MC_002_01_X1_0022


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