Last week I rose to the 75 second film challenge for Amy Johnson’s 75th anniversary.  I made a film called G-AAAH.  Amy Johnson was a typist for a firm of solicitors, before she flew her Gipsy Moth (G-AAAH “Jason”) 11,000 mi (17,703 km) from Croydon to Australia.  The film was really good fun to make. I rattled away on the Tracy & Hobbs Underwood 315 under the rostrum camera and the film was delivered today.  I had the soundtrack of a biplane engine, taking off, cruising and landing, and I mostly created the animation by alternating frames of plane and background, so the two parts join in the viewing.

solo lipstick pinkplane type


2 thoughts on “G-AAAH

  1. sammooreanimate

    Ooo, I love this idea & I’m so impressed that you rose to this challenge! Looking forward to seeing the film, it looks intriguing (plus isn’t it a delight that she flew from Croydon? The glamour).


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