This week I’m off to a King’s Hedges primary school in Cambridge to make a short animation using an audio archive from the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.  It’s a small part of a project called Voicing the Garden.  We are working with an audio excerpt that describes a member of staff training robins to eat crumbs from his pocket.  We’ll be doing drawn animation of birds hopping and eating crumbs, amongst other things.

I’ll be showing a few birdy films, La Merle by Mclaren, Suki Best’s Early Birds, plus I was really pleased to discover an old film  by Bunny Schendler, called The Birds.  I’ve really appreciated her work in the past, infact this is her first film, made on her kitchen table.  It contains all the skill and vitality  of her later works, but also has the uncompromising and self assured marks and edits that make the films so necessary to the canon of drawn animation.   Fantastic stuff, if you watch it, I think it will make you smile.




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