Random Acts at BAF!

BAF was so good this year, just have a look at the programme. I was lucky enough to visit to accompany Frombald, showing in a screening of the 15 Animate Projects Random Acts films. The screen and projection in the Pictureville Cinema is fantastic, and it was exciting to see the films in that context, having just seen them on a computer.  Gary Thomas and Abigail Addison showed a 35mm print of Run Wrake‘s Rabbit to start with, shown in memory of a brilliant artist,  but simply a wonderful film that reveals something different each time it’s shown, and a reminder to all members of the audience to revisit the rest of his work.

The Random Acts films all fit into the 3 minute slot, so there’s a nice rhythmn to the screening.  For me, it was most interesting to see Sean Vicary’s Re-Tolled and Mandy McIntosh‘s The Thunderbird’s Ballad, because they were there to talk about the creation of the work.  Mandy has come to use 3D technology in such an interesting way, almost like a carpenter, who knits. The result is these spare puppets with fantastic drawn surfaces.  Sean’s film sprang from a controversial local supermarket development, in which the land was ruined, and it was literal pieces of this land that Sean brought to life through animation.  Phil Mulloy’s Banker is sharp, cleverness on the brink.  So great.  One of the questions to the three of us, from Sam Moore, was about the limitations of a 3 minute commission, which brought me to mention that I’ve been re-cutting the film to allow a bit of breathing space in the Frombald story.  It’s coming out at 4 minutes at the moment, and I plan to use the original music too.  It will be a festival version, ready in a couple of weeks.

And here are some lovely pictures taken by the official BAF photographer and on Flickr for all to see:


Sam Moore asking tricky but useful questions


Us, Mandy on the microphone


and Gary and Abigail doing Cheech and Chong.  (Actually much more on the ball than them)

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