LIAF 2013

LIAF stage


Here’s the line up of British showcase filmmakers from Wednesday, photo by juror Kim Noce.  Ross Hogg has the mike in the middle, have a look at his lovely work, I urge you, he can draw, and works straight ahead.  Among the visitors, (from the left) there was Sue Magoo, not a Sue but a bearded man working with Beakus, and greatly skilled.  Yousif Al-Khalifa, who made Sleeping with the Fishes, a masterful film with a gory surprise in the narrative.  There’s Nag Vladermersky, stripy and director of LIAF, Ross Hogg, me, then composer Andy Cowton, who’s collaboration with Paul Bush over 15 years  is of the highest quality, and really makes the films endure for longer than the festival circuit, which is my benchmark.  Lay Bare didn’t disappoint, it’s especially joyful, but logical, and so vital in a programme largely comprised of very brilliantly made graduation films.  There was Luiz Stockler, director of Montenegro, which was very funny, and Christine Hooper who made On Loop.  I liked her film very much.  It made me think, it would be interesting to write something in consideration of loops in animation.



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