The bald facts about Spellbound

Spellbound Animation is really just me, yes, and the studio is a bathroom, I’ve not concealed the fact, but sometimes I have had emails enquiring about internships.  There’s nowhere for anyone else to sit I’m afraid, except the loo, with the lid down.  When the door is closed, it’s really hot, and sometimes little fists beat at the door bleating, so it’s not quiet either.

Up until this summer it’s been just fine, but in the last few months I’ve been busy.  I finished Frombald at long last, made Water Folk with Emily Tracy, led a summer school in Cambridge, and a summer school workshop for Tricky Women’s Animation Summer, and next week I’m working on a sequel to the fantastic film My Name is Joe, made by young people in Foster Care.

It’s time to get a studio that isn’t a loo.


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