Animation Summer

I was so pleased to be invited back to St Polten to lead a direct on 35mm film workshop for Tricky Women’s Animation Summer.  It was just as exciting as last year, it was extra nice to be with the Tricky Women team, and to see old workshop friends, meet new ones, and especially to be joined by Samantha Moore.  She was leading a workshop on animated documentary that produced a totally festival-ready film which was so concise and funny (in 5 days I tell you). Magali Charrier was leading a workshop inspired by her own work, which is so elegant but vital.  In her workshop they printed out frames from an archive film, worked up on them, before re-filming, a technique that I used  last year for the pop video I made for KT Tunstall.  Reinhold Bidner stepped in to take Barbara Musil’s place, he was amazing to step into Barbara’s shoes at the last minute.  Carla Heinzel ran another very busy and successful character animation in Maya workshop.  My workshop participants produced some really wonderful work using ink, rubbers stamps and scratching, plus a trailer of Bad Lieutenant.  It’s spurred me on to do some more explorations on 35mm.

Here we all are:

TWworkshopleaders ingridsplicer sammagaliswim  racine


There was only one disappointment, and that was that the hotel sauna was full of naked men when we went and we didn’t know how to say “could you budge up and put some trunks on?”


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