Doctor GAZ, (the mild-mannered English watercolourist)

Shoot the Wrx gallery view

Shoot the Wrx gallery view

There’s a really nice exhibition of Jeff Keen’s work at the Brighton Musuem called Shoot the Wrx, it’s on until February. It’s not a particularly good space for watching his moving image work, but it’s a wonderful introduction to him and the breadth of his artistic output.  Our whole family enjoyed it.  The galleries have a display of his collage, his drawings, his paintings, a cardigan and his collections of toys, comics and some of the plastic things that survived his filmmaking experiments.  There is a screen showing some his diary films, and on the balcony are monitors and headphones, showing the two documentaries and a selection of films (available on GAZWRX)The work is playful, much of the time he is dressing up and acting with family and friends, and political, his experiences of the second world war underpinning much of the work, in his use of language, imagery, or the audio sound track.  The war inspired violence in the work springs directly from the material itself, from the act of ripping up and reassembling to make collage, or plastic toys melted slowly with his blowtorch. Despite this, Jeff Keen referred to himself as a mild mannered English watercolourist, who liked jelly and cream very much.


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