Giving Life to Stills

Last rainy Saturday I spent at the Brixton Ritzy, sitting on a panel with four other women who work in animation.  It was a part of the Underwire Film Festival and with Abigail Addison’s encouragement, we were talking about our lives as animators.  More than anything it was a treat to meet Ellie Land, Birgitta Hosea, Kate Anderson and Matilda Tristram, and to gain an insight into their working lives.  Many similarities in our lives and practices emerged, we were all fairly agile, working in many areas affiliated to animation to make it work out.  Many of us were working with a new type of commissioned work, and that was within the area of academic research, as a way of presenting research findings in an accessible way.  For Matilda Tristram, one of the big draws of working in animation, was the fact that she could employ all her skills in one practice.  She showed a clip of The Adventures of Abney and Teal that she’s been writing for CBeebies, her own comics and drawings look really great. Ellie Land has made an amazing documentary with Wellcome Trust funding called Centrefold, about Labiaplasty.  Kate Anderson is one of the talented graduates from Edinburgh College of Art, she showed some lovely work, and excitingly, along with most of the panel, she works near here. Birgitta Hosea is a very dynamic, course leader and lecturer at St Martin’s who also manages to make her own digital works that also crossover into the area of expanded film and performance.  You see, I was lucky to be there.  We thrashed it out: being visible, being online, working like dogs, telling everyone what you do and being flexible is the key to great success. You heard it here first.


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