Ignition for Engine

Last night there was a screening and discussion to mark the ignition of animate’s new web place Engine. They gathered Tal Rosner, Gaelle Denis and Quaynola to talk to Chris O Reilly from Nexus about the relationship between their own projects and commercial work. O Reilly’s introduction made working as an animator in the commercial sector in 2009 sound tremendously complicated and fairly unappealing, (at least to this practitioner) so it was refreshing to hear Gaelle Denis provide a healthy counterpoint. She likes to be entertained by her commercial work and uses it as a chance to be playful, use new techniques and meet interesting people. Tal Rosner has executed a serious animate commission, Without you but has also put his singular editing skills to the Skins title sequence, both of which seem to fit within his practice without compromise. Quaynola focuses on his practice and adapted the imagery to fit a commercial project when requested. I’ve slightly missed an opportunity to use the words throttle and choke, but time is pressing. Have a look at engine.


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