Back away from the rostrum

I think I had my last day animating this week. There are a few shots that I would like to do again if I could but it’s time to stop now. My tile is quite scratched and my brushes are now looking as if they have done 15 minutes worth of wrestling with that shellac ink.
We have also moved onto the sound, so I really have to stop so that there is something concrete for Tim and Simon to work on. I’m really pleased that Simon Dye is going to help out with the sound design, Simon is also DeXter Bentley and I am a fan of his show on Resonance FM which is called Hello Goodbye (12pm on Saturdays). Tim Olden has been working on the music already, he is also very busy with Nina and Karen’s new film Living with the Tudors. You can read about Tim on their website: He is quite brilliant in many ways.
The last few shots and Edward’s Voice Record went to Orkney in the post and it arrived within 24 hours! Mark is going to do another assembly as soon as he can.


One thought on “Back away from the rostrum

  1. the oxo

    Hello Lizzy!Thanks for the plug for the show. To be fair, it should be noted that I am only one of several deXter Bentleys – the show is a group effort. Got the CD’s today so full steam ahead!


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